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AVOCADO GARDEN had an interview with the swap maker Natasha, founder of sustainable and eco-friendly toothbrush company Got Wood. She is trully passioned about her current mission and it seems pretty contagious. Natasha call her production as a voice, which stops obey  and allows rebel against society. Bright, light, but inspiring interview with Her about sustainable business. Enjoy!

Starting at the start, for those who do not know, please tell us a bit about yourself

To be honest, I’m quite a private person. I don’t like to draw attention to myself. I am however, quite a passionate person & do like to express myself. I do this best by writing and creating things. This is how Got Wood TB was born. It was an outlet and a voice to help make the swap to a better future. This is only the beginning.

When you started to care about environmental sustainability? What does sustainability mean to you?

I’ve always had a love for the environment. Always loved being outdoors and being surrounded by Mother Nature. I recall being younger than 10 and yelling at my brother for littering. I wouldn’t speak to him for hours if he refused to pick up his rubbish. I guess this has carried on with me throughout my young adulthood. I’d like to be hopeful in believing that humanity can awaken from obeying the norm and rebel to breaking away from living in consensus. Together we can strengthen our surroundings and extend the time we have left on this beautiful planet we call home.

What made you decide to start “got wood”? How long it’s in the market and how it’s going?

Got Wood TB is my voice. An outlet to help play my part in doing what I can to help make a difference. We’ve been in the market for just over a year and it’s been doing well. We’re about getting the message out there and that’s happening. We’ll be working on a few projects in order to help spread the message, so we’re excited to see where & how we evolve.

How “got wood” life looks like? From its establishing to the end of its life. Where do you source all your materials? What was the biggest challenge to make sustainable product?

Got Wood TB was designed in Melbourne, Australia. It began as a rough sketch on a piece of paper with lots of arrows and words scattered over the page. We began to source out manufacturers here in Australia, however, unfortunately there are no bamboo manufacturers YET. As a result, we sourced out China. Our packaging is printed in Melbourne and each TB is individually packed and tied in twine by our wonderful team. Our biggest challenge would be finding a biodegradable bristle which we are still working on and hope to have finalised in the very near future.

How toothbrush can save the world?

The vast majority of marine debris consists of plastic items; toothbrushes being one of them. The average person uses 4-6 toothbrushes per year, with each plastic toothbrush taking up to 1000 years to break down. That’s an absurd amount of plastic waste floating around Planet Earth. Now think about how you think a Got Wood TB can save the world?

Your product is sustainable, but what about the packaging and shipping, how sustainable is it?

Our packaging (postage goods included) is 100 % biodegradable and is made up using recycled materials. Our prinitng is done so using vegetable inks. We have recently ditched our biodegradable ‘plastic’ TB packaging also which has made Got Wood TB that little more sustainable.

Toothbrush goes near with tooth paste. Any zero – waste toothpaste recipes?

We like to keep it simple.

½ a cup of Coconut oil (cold pressed)

3 table spoons of Baking Soda.

7 drops of peppermint (or fresh mint oil made yourself)

Mix the lot together (very well) and put it in a pretty glass jar. Be sure to wet your TB bristles and dip it in the paste. You may want to use a spoon to avoid double dipping. Or not?

 How do you plan to improve the environmental impact of your product in the future?

We are working at finding a biodegradable bristle to work with first of all. We will then continue to better Got Wood TB in anyway possible we see fit. Other than that, we’ll be contuning to spread the message and help educate others to protect this planet we adore so much.

If you could make a suggestion to someone about something they could do to create a more sustainable world, what would you tell them?

Simply think about your daily do’s and be sure they shouldn’t be dont’s. Care for your home, eliminate waste, reuse and recyle. Take care wholly and continue to educate thyself. Don’t be lazy, nor naive. Swaping your plastic toothbrush for a biodegradable one is already making a huge impact and bettering our planet.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Don’t obey – Rebel against society.

We live in conformity and I believe that is our problem. Society needs to be alert and understand that we do indeed need to take action in order to sustain this planet. With climate change and global warming, we need to act now. We are all responsible for our own actions.

Oh and of course, always, always spread sweet vibes where ever you pass.

IN short. What are You:
Listening to?

Little Dragon – ‘Let Go’


My favourite pair of Harem pants purchased in Thailand 5 years ago, a loose T and typing away with 7 rings.


George Orwell – ‘1984’


Vegetable Soup


Aperol Spritz

Looking forward to?

The unknown

Values of life?

Too many to list – be positive and spread love, always.

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Images courtesy of Natasha

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